Running Out of Underwear

I’m running out of clean underwear so I start researching washers and dryers. I could find a laundromat nearby but we have two empty spaces in the bathroom that are meant for a washer and…

Smørrebrød & more

I head to town for a welcome to Denmark lunch at Cafe Gammel Torv at the invitation of T. It’s a bright sunny day. Copenhagen feels magical when it’s unexpectedly sunny. The streets are filled…


My new Danish cell phone number is finally active! An hour later I receive my first call. Spam. No matter where you go the spammers follow. So it goes everywhere.

Arrivals & Departures

I arrived yesterday, the 19th of September, in Denmark and now on Thursday the 20th, I’m leaving for Sweden. The exhaustion of travel comes to mind. Thankfully, Malmö is only about 45 minutes from our…

In Transit

It’s hard to say what time it is when your moving six hours forward without leaving the ground. Our flight is turbulence free until we pass over the tip of Scotland and the Orkney Islands….

Departures II

Tuesday September 18th I get up and go down to have the complimentary breakfast. Not too shabby though the coffee leaves a little to be desired. I go upstairs, grab my bags and check out….


Monday September 17th I am up at the crack of dawn for no good reason. I can’t sleep so I squeeze the air out of the air mattress and fold it into the carry case….


Sunday September 16th It’s a quiet day. My plan is to return my mother’s car and have lunch with her. The last lunch we will share for a few months. I get up late and…