Sunday I completed my kayak course and then rowed 4 kilometers to bring my total to 76, thereby earning myself a key to the club. Now I’m free to go whenever I want, by myself, and without wearing a life-jacket. It felt great to succeed given the last tests we had to complete. We had to swim 300 meters holding a kayak and then after that swim 800 meters all in 58F degree water. The wind was up and the waves were high.

My feet got torn to hell in the swim with the kayak test. We had to row out to the point and roll over into the water exiting the kayak by releasing the shroud and hanging onto the paddle. Then we had roll the kayak over dumping out the water in it before putting on our life jacket on all in deep water. Unfortunately the waves pushed me and the boat toward the rocks and getting off the rocks to complete the test was an unforeseen struggle. I managed though my feet were cut up on the rocks. I couldn’t feel it at the time because the deep water was pretty damn cold.

We were supposed to do the swim with the kayak test on Saturday but thunderstorms prevented that after we had completed a 6 km row. Part of that I did in a two-person kayak with K, one of the instructors, a young women who’s among the fastest rowers in the club. Together we went faster than I’ve ever kayaked. It was great fun and really helped me improve my stroke and build a better rhythm. Tusind tak for det K. Det var rigtig sjovt tur!

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