Make America Backward

A UN resolution is being debated today that attempts to ban RAPE as a weapon of war. I am amazed that there is a debate. The rape and murder of civilians have been outside the bounds of war for a very long time. These are international war crimes not tactics.

Yet, now the current administration of the United States wants to join Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain to veto this resolution because of the words highlighted in bold, “urges United Nations entities and donors to provide non-discriminatory and comprehensive health services, including sexual and reproductive health, psychosocial, legal and livelihood support and other multi-sectoral services for survivors of sexual violence, taking into account the specific needs of persons with disabilities,” which offend the “pro-lifers” in DT’s circle of hell. That’s right let’s protect the embryos at all cost so we can abandon the children and the mothers.

The current US administration wants to turn back the clock on rights for women, LGBTQ individuals, people of color, religious minorities and everyone else other than white males.

It’s time to send all of DT’s crew to prison and let the inmates abuse them as they have abused their positions of trust. In the meantime, this latest horror will set the cause of women back 50 years. Another sad day for what was once a country the world looked to for a higher standard.

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